Sunday, 29 January 2012

Why do I never realise!???

A week of headaches, a stupid tickley cough these are the symptoms but I NEVER realise until I get the pain in my ear & throat, sometimes it's a bad taste in my mouth but usually the ear & throat. Yep it's the start of another bout of tonsillitis. Oh the joy's but thankfully to a nice doctor 10+ yrs ago who wouldn't take my tonsils out I've always got a supply of penicillin with me so I can start them immediately without having to wait for an appointment, which with our doctors is usually about 2 weeks!!

I also have a supply of them as I'm susceptible to insect bites & have a really bad reaction to them but that's another blog post!!

Fingers crossed I have caught this early enough to not cause me too many major problems (fingers crossed!) 


  1. donna botwright xx29 January 2012 18:45

    awwwwww, Get well soon my lovely xxx

  2. I had my tonsils pulled when I was about 10.. can't say as I've ever missed them!? lol Feel better soon hun! xo

    1. They wouldn't take mine out as hadn't had it enough in a year! But at 30+ decided i'd like to keep them! I'd had 2 friends who had had bleeds after it kind've put me off!!
      Thanks xxxx